Membership FAQ

Q. Who is eligible to join VAAFA?

A. Vietnamese Americans who are Active Duty, Reserve, Retired, and Honorably Separated of the U.S. Armed Forces as defined in Title 10 of the US Code.

Q. How do I become a Member?

A. Please click on the “Join US” section. Then follow the instructions for application submission and verification procedures.

Q. Why do I have to submit DD-214 (Separated/Retired) or Copy of ID card?

A. VAAFA requires verification without any exceptions, in order to maintain the integrity of VAAFA as a professional military association. Only the front copy of the ID is required. AKO Army “GUEST” accounts can not be utilized for military affiliation verification alone.

Q. Does VAAFA recognize such groups as; U.S. Army Volunteer Reserve (USAVR), Army Volunteer Reserve (AVR), United States Volunteers (USV), U.S. Volunteers Joint Services Command (USVJSC), United States Vietnamese American Veterans Alliance, and the Florida Guard?

A. No. While these groups have legal status as non-profit organizations, they are not and have never been endorsed by the Department of Defense, Department of Veteran Affairs or the U.S. Congress other than being a Volunteer Service Organization.  This designation does not authorize them to claim legitimacy to wear the uniform and military ranks without prior military service. They claim legitimacy by posting links to government sites, letters of recognition from politicians and other organizations, and that they are doing a service for veterans and military members.

Being listed as a Volunteer Service Organization does not mean that they are officially endorsed or recognized by the Department of Defense, Department of Veterans Affairs or authorized by Congress to wear the uniform of the Uniform Services.

VAAFA members should learn to recognize the illegitimacy of these groups and what they look like in order to avoid the embarrassment of rending them undue honor or recognition. Some of them are former military members who have since self promoted themselves to high ranks beyond their real retired or separated ranks. Other members of their group who join their organization can “acquire” their ranks. Their officers and NCOs do not have any commission from the President or Vice President of the United States or confirmation by the U.S. Senate. VAAFA members should not render them military honors or special recognition. Members of USAVR are not welcomed at VAAFA events. (Please check the Announcement Forum section: Vigilance and Caution against Military Fakes posting for more information)

Additional information can be found at:

Q. Does VAAFA recognized current Civil Air Patrol member or other auxiliary groups?

A. VAAFA does recognize the Civil Air Patrol as a valid organization that is endorsed by the U.S. Government. However, VAAFA membership is only open to current or former members of the U.S. Armed Forces as defined by Title 10 of the US Code. Members of CAP, Merchant Marine, Coast Guard Auxiliary, Navy JROTC, Army JROTC, Sea Cadets are welcomed to be supporters of VAAFA, but not full members.

Q. I am a half Vietnamese (Ameri-Asians) in U.S. Armed Forces member can I join VAAFA?

A. Yes. Our membership is open to Vietnamese Ameri-Asians. We hope that through VAAFA you will also be able to learn and cherish the Vietnamese side of your heritage.

Q. Why isn’t there more “_____” (Enlisted, Officer, Women, Men) in VAAFA?

A. VAAFA continuously recruits members from all ranks and genders. As part of our recruiting campaign, community members are asked to refer prospective members.

Q. How is military bearing and protocol observed in VAAFA?

A. VAAFA is a family. Members will refer to each other as brothers and sisters. However, as a military association, members are also military service members. Therefore, military protocol and courtesies are still required in order to maintain good order and discipline.